Essay on The Ethics Of Care For A Person

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Care, defined from Webster dictionary, are the things that are done to keep someone healthy, or safe. The ethics of care understands that caring for a person depends on interpersonal connections and the morally concerned person so it does change from person to person. The ethics of care does not reflect traits from deontology and has persuasive qualities but also an irreparable defect. The ethics of care allows people to show empathy for whom they choose to and gives leeway for humanity to be partial. The central focus of this view is the “compelling moral salience of attending to and meeting the needs of the particular others for whom we take responsibility.” There are no rules to this because people are allowed to show emotion for whom they desire to. However, not all emotions are accepted for this view because not every emotion promotes the growing of a person, and in a larger perspective the society as a whole so emotions like empathy, sympathy, sensitivity and responsiveness and key feelings felt to make ethics of care work in a society. The ethics of care requires people to “keep society from falling apart, ameliorate human suffering, promote human flourishing, resolve conflicts of interest in just and orderly ways, and assign praise and blame, reward the good and punish the guilty.” These guidelines keep society moving forward in a peaceful manner so people’s actions would not overshadow the good with immoral feelings or wrongdoings. This ensures that people do…

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