Essay on The Ethics Of Care Ethics

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Define the Ethics of Care Ethics of care are also called care ethics, it is a feminist philosophical perspective that uses a relation and context approach toward morality and decision making. The term itself “ethics of care” refers to two ideas that concern the nature of morality and the normative ethical theory. According to David Hume, contended that morality is founded upon and rooted in feelings on matters of morality, “that which renders morality an active virtue.” Which depends on internal sense or feelings, that was made universal in species by nature. Therefore, morality as an active role requires two feelings, the first is the sentiment of natural caring. There can be no ethical feelings without the enabling sentiment. Where we care for family relatives or close friends because we want to do so, we are acting according to natural caring. As a mother taking care of her child, is a natural habit rather than an ethical act. The second sentiment occurs in response to the first one. As Nietzche speaks of love, that the there is something so ambiguous and suggestive about the word love, something that speaks of memory and to hope and that a coldest heart could still feel comfort toward this word.
What different kinds, if any, are there?
There are phases of care ethics instead of different kinds. There are four phases of caring for patients that involves cognitive, emotional, and action strategies. Tronto expressed these four phases through a patient, nurse…

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