The Ethics Of Bat Conservation International Essay

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In fulfillment of my classroom commitments, I am offering to write a white paper to Cullen Geiselman of Bat Conservation International in regards to a technology discovered in 2013. This white paper will be written under the guidelines of my English 3302 studies along with Technical Communications by Paul Anderson. The technology chosen would aid the organization in many of its goals regarding bat conservation. A volatile organic chemical (VOC) derived from bacteria is found to hinder white-nose syndrome fungus growth in bat colonies across America. These VOCs will be the main focus of my white paper. This technology must be introduced to the organization I chose because they are best fit to utilize it. The Bat Conservation International’s goals are to prevent extinction, preserve diverse bat ecosystems, and address serious threats to bats. The VOCs can aid the BCI’s efforts in their three main goals. The chemicals will prevent further bat fatalities, preserve their ecosystems from the highly-spreading fungi, and take action against this serious threat that is endangering U.S. bat populations. The white paper I am writing for this class will discuss all the problems my chosen technology will be able to fix. It will also educate Dr. Geiselman, the president of Bat Conservation International, on the chosen technology.

My white paper serves to provide Dr. Geiselman with in-depth research of the helpful volatile organic chemicals she would otherwise not be…

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