The Ethics Of A Lesbian Couple For A Couple 's Discount? Essay

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s it Ethical to Pose as a Lesbian Couple for a Couple’s Discount?
A person submitted an interesting conundrum to the New York Times “The Ethicist” column. She wanted to join a local pool that offered a discount for a couple, which could be defined as a married couple, or a couple in a relationship who cohabitate. The writer’s husband did not want to join the pool, so she and her friend posed as a lesbian couple and used the writer’s address for both women to pose as a cohabitating couple, and asked The Ethicist if this was “okay” for her and her friend, because they are not lesbians at all. After examining the issue, considering the viewpoint of The Ethicist, and applying Kantian rules, it is clear that this is not an ethical act.
The letter writer presented herself as half of a lesbian couple in order to take advantage of a “couple’s discount” at her local pool. Her husband was not interested in joining the pool, but her female friend was. In order to get the discount, the writer and her friend both used the writer’s home address so they would appear to live in the same household. The writer was surprised when a colleague chastised her for her ruse because she was pretending to be a lesbian, and the deception may, in some way, harm the LGBT community. The writer pointed out that the discount was not solely for gay couples, and she was not harming the LGBT community.
Another point of view could be that since the discount would have been offered to her husband, it was merely…

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