Erin Brockovich Ethical Analysis

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While Erin's intentions may have been honorable, were her investigative techniques and business practices ethical?
In the movie Erin Brockovich, Erin main objective was to uncover and expose the unethical practices that were taking place at Pacific Gas & Electric Company by poisoning the water. In Erin investigative techniques and business practices, many ethical issues arise such as having poor time management, revealing dress code, extortion, poor meeting etiquette, and poor communication skills.
She displayed unmannerly and intimidating behaviour and regularly bullies the legal assistant at the office. In the office, she would constantly use indecent language and shouting, which this can create a toxic or hostile work environment.
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I think one as to consider the factors in determining the reasonableness of contingency fees and the hours spent on the case.
For instance, under the Ontario Solicitors Act, contingency fee agreements should be in writing between the lawyers and clients with the court's approval in large class action lawsuits. Masry had informed the residents at the meeting that if they won the case the award would be 40% of the settlement.
The lawyer was paid reasonable because you must consider the time and labour required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved and the skill requisite to perform the legal service. They had to gather samples of the contaminating water, research about Chromium-6 in the water by using expert advice, retrieve documents to prove their case and going to each resident’s door persuading them to sign the agreement for a class-action.
Additional, Masry was a small firm and he did not think his firm was powerful enough to defeat Pacific Gas & Electric Company because they were a multi-million dollar industry, so he brought in one of the state's best and powerful lawyers. Therefore, it is reasonable because he had to split the percentage plus cost. Masry firm had to cover the cost of the case by putting is firm at
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She deserves the settlement that Masry gave her for her hard work and dedication. While Erin was organizing the paperwork of the real estate cases, she was curious as to why the medical record was attached to the file. She took it upon herself to investigate and found out on her own that PG&E was irresponsible for contamination the land with chromium.
Additional, after Erin, found herself leading into a series of events that would involve the law firm in one of the largest class-action lawsuits in United States history against this giant multi-billion industry. She was able to persuade her boss by making him passionate to open the case by further making an investigation.
Her enthusiasm and passion for the case lead her to go into the community to interview each resident door to door, later she shared a personal relationship with them. She was the one who discovers that PG&E is quietly buying the land that was contaminated by the deadly toxic waste because of the industry improper and illegal way of dumping which causes illnesses such as critical illness on the

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