Ethical Issues In Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

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Ethical Issues in Gone Girl

The novel Gone Girl ,written by author Gillian Flynn, who writes about the crazy life between a psychopathic wife, and confused husband. This particular novel shows how a good marriage, quickly turns into horror. The two spouses Amy,and Nick Dunne have many ethical and moral dilemma they have to face with their feuding life. This page turning mystery will also show you what many wrong paths have the two taken.
Amy Elliott and Nick Dunne where two people that fell deeply in love. They were both young journalist that seemed to be perfect for each other. She was the best wife any man could ask for, and Nick was the best husband. But Amy was only pretending. She said that “ Nick loved a girl who doesn’t exist... the
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But she has stayed in that place too long, and her friends finds out she has a lot of money. One night Jeff and Greta come and steal all her money. So now she goes to a former ex boyfriend Desi’s house, for refuge. He gladly takes her in, especially with her abusive and convincing accusations of what Nick has done to her. So she stays and Desi’s house and gets spoiled by playing the innocent damsel in distress. Then one day she is watching the news and she see’s Nick is almost getting arrested. Then she realizes she can’t be happy with Desi, and she decides she wants to go back to Nick. Which is exactly want Nick wants “because [He] was fucked unless Amy shows herself” ( Flynn, Gone Girl, 309) Also at this point in the book, Nick already found out he is being framed by his psycho wife and really abhors her. Amy is stuck with the issue of staying with a clingy man or go back to her husband. She thinks in her immoral way, and decides to escape from clingy, protective Desi. She does another elaborate scheme , and self harms herself to look like she’s been raped, then murders Desi’s, and runs home back to Nick. Who already see’s her as a “murdering, mind-fucking, evil, crazy bitch.” (Flynn, Gone Girl, 396) This ethical issue of wanting to go back, could have been solved a totally different way than her physically murdering a …show more content…
He tells Amy that, “you killed Desi … so you can come back and be beloved Amy and not ever have to take the blame…” Nick assumes “ [she] murdered a man, a man .. that was helping [her], and now [she] want’s him to step in his place, and love [her.] ( Flynn, Gone Girl, 306) Nick cannot do that ,but Amy doesn’t want Nick to leave her, so she got herself pregnant and threatens him with their unborn child. Nick doesn’t want anything to happen to his baby, so he agrees to live like he “now loves [Amy]...and everything is good” (Flynn, Gone Girl, 410) with his wife so he can be with his child. I believe Nick’s decision to this immoral predicament was the right one, so he can protect the baby as much as he can from his wife. If he left Amy with his child , she would raise it by herself, and Amy obviously wouldn’t be a good mother. Nick has sacrificed a better life for his

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