Essay The Ethics And Values Of Engineers

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1. Introduction

Engineering affects all aspects of our lives, for instance, every building, object and machine that we use every day has been designed and built by engineers. Therefore the ethics and values of engineers have an important impact on society. There are many engineering challenges today. It was identified by the national science foundation that there are fourteen main engineering challenges. The challenge which is the focus of this report is access to clean water. We would expect that engineers perform to the best of their ability and use their skills to improve the lives of others. They should hold paramount the safety and welfare of the public. New innovative technologies are created buy engineers and they could be perfected so that everyone can benefit from them.
2. Social responsibilities of professional engineers

Many engineers serve their communities offering their professional expertise. Engineers design systems that can in some way benefit the lives of the public. An example of an engineer designing a system that benefits others is Arturo Vittori who invented the Warka Water tower. The tower is designed to use condensation to take water out of the air. He claims his invention can provide a remote village with 25 gallons of water per day (Nyugen 2014). The water towers would dramatically increase the quality of life of people in ethiopia who spend 40 billion hours searching and collecting water according to a group from the Water Project. Has Arturo…

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