Essay on The Ethical Lens Inventory

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The Ethical Lens Inventory is designed to help you determine which of four ethical lenses – four primary ethical perspectives – help you determine what to do when faced with an ethical dilemma that doesn’t have a clear answer.

Your preferred ethical lens depends on your core values – the ideals that propel you to action. Each ethical lens emphasizes underlying core values in a slightly different way.

Two of the ethical lenses emphasize using rationality – critical thinking – to determine what behavior is ethical. * Rights and Responsibilities Lens: You (autonomy) use your reason (rationality) to determine the universal principles and rules by which you and others should live. * Relationship Lens: The members of the
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Your Risk: Being autocratic (bossy) * Without self-knowledge, you run the risk of becoming autocratic. You require everyone to do things your way in order to measure up ethically. You tend not to consider other interpretations of the facts or listen to other approaches once you have made up your mind.
Your Temptation: Excuses * If you are not paying attention, you can be tempted to excuse yourself from following the rules. You insist that you really are being true to your core values, even when you are not. You’ll convince yourself that the rules were meant for other people or that the action you want to take really does meet your responsibilities – even though your “Responsible Self” tells you otherwise.
Your Vice: Becoming judgmental and legalistic * Without self-knowledge, you can become overly rigid in your expectations, leading to legalism as you obsess over minute details. You will also become judgmental and when others do not fulfill (what you believe are) their duties, you will be quick to label them as unethical.
Your Crisis: Becoming exhausted * Unless you develop the practice of mindfulness and reflection, at some point you will become exhausted. No one can meet all of the obligations that your “Responsible Self” has on your to-do list. If you have few friends, it could be because you are so judgmental that you drive everyone away.
Your Seeing Clearly: Listen to your heart * To see more clearly, check to see whether your

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