The Essential Thing I Learned Essay

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The essential thing I learned in this class is that religion is complicated and cannot be completely understood in a one semester class, not even if it is a fictional religion in a book series. This class has certainly acted as an overview of several religions and how they can be used as inspiration for fictional world building. One of the most complicated topics we covered seemed to be the explanation for the Christian trilogy and whether or not something was dualistic or monotheistic. The idea that multiple beings are just part of a singular being yet still distinct entities in and of themselves is both confusing and complicated.

Before this class, I did not know a lot about the apocalyptic traditions in many religions. I was aware that they existed, but I did not know that there were similarities between religions. In Western religions, there is an emphasis on the triumph of the good and just god over the root of all evil. That eventually leads to the formation of paradise and a lake of fire. But Norse mythology poses a different version of the apocalypse, one that ended with the gods being slaughtered and the world beginning anew with two humans. I found this difference intriguing because the Christion religion focused on the formation of paradise whereas, the Norse focused on the cyclic nature of life. I think the cycle in Norse mythology reflected the harsh nature of the area the Vikings lived in. instead of having an ideal end to the great battle that ends in…

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