The Eruption Of Mt Vesuvius Essay

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The most impressive archaeological find in Campania, was Pompeii . It was a archaeological preserved city due to the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, which preserved both the inhabitants and their city. Here archaeological evidence is abundant. This evidence tells its own story about the city and in turn reveals the Roman culture and influences were present.
The Romans didn’t arrive until 80BC, and at this time Sulla proceeded to colonize Pompeii . Tension between the locals and the colonist grew and with this, it started to have an impact on the town. The Romans started giving the land to the colonist, however,in the end they had to separate the groups to ease the ever growing tensions .
When Sulla arrivived, he reconstructed and repaired the city. He also redesigned the per-existing Pompeian houses for the new Roman colony. He wanted to bring them a more traditional Roman standard of living. Renovations made on existing homes lead to a bizzare interpretion as this faze of the Roman inflenece was not completed and never really reached the standards that Sulla wanted for the Roman people . Amphitheatres were constructed for the enjoyment of the soldiers . Latin inscriptions on monuments were discovered in Pompeii and this is a direct Roman influence. As the Romans used Latin as their official language
Through archaeological surveys indicates that the Roman culture and influences were expanding into the landscape of both northern and southern Etruria. However,…

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