Essay on The Era Of The United States

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1. Bureaucrats implement an execute the laws. The bureaucracy is sometimes called the “fourth branch” because of its separation of powers, skills, size, and desire for security.
2. In the Constitution, the bureaucracy is hardy mention in Article II, where the president has the power to appoint officials.
a. In Article II, the president “shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States,” where he can appoint officials on his own terms.
b. The bureaucrats never attempted to reestablish the federalism during the antebellum era. They noticed that “true” federalism would never be recreated as the one they had in the era. In the spoils it used to be family and friends that where part of the cabinet but now it’s who the president elects and most of them have money, power, and control of the making the decisions at the end of their group or organization. Patronage is appointed too but they produce private goods and can influence re-elections.
c. At first the bureaucracy were small but when FDR became president and set up the New Deal programs, which increased the system, seeing as that the program meant a bigger government system since different agencies were needed to keep the programs going.
d. The spoil system was basically where the president chose his friends and family members to be his cabinet and put their close friends in charge of a certain agency or program. The Merit System is…

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