The Era Of A Woman Essay

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The 1970s ideal woman was meek, sweet, quiet, and pretty. She knew her place was the kitchen. She would be expected to prioritize her husband over any career or learning she might have. All of these characteristics are still considered virtues in a woman - that is something that has not changed. Neither has the definition of power: the ability to impose one’s will on another - to get someone to do something it would not otherwise do. Women are automatically at a disadvantage with these two notions vying for control. How can someone be meek and powerful? Sweet, quiet, and in charge? The still-prevalent 1970’s notion of a woman does not square with the idea of a woman having power; it especially does not square with women having power over men. This is part of the reason that women have had a very hard time getting into elected office since 1970. Political power is still kept from women.
Some things are the same as they were 45 long years ago; the Presidency of the United States has never been held by a woman, nor has the vice presidency. To this day only 313 women have served in the U.S. Congress, (Manning, 2015). The first female congressman was elected in 1919, making a yearly average of 3.3 women in congress. There have also been some gains in the past few decades. In 1970 there were 11 women serving in Congress (roughly two percent) and only one woman in the Senate and today there are 104 women serving in Congress (19.4 percent) and 20 in the Senate (Manning, 2015). But…

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