The Apostasy Of Jude's Epistle (65 AD)

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Jude is known as the brother of James and the half brother of Jesus. It is said that Jude was written in 65 AD. Jude was writing to those who were teaching false; teaching in the Church and Jude warns those who turn away from Christ yet those who seek to know God are example of apostasy. The epistle of Jude was written to help the Christians to follow after the true and living God. Thus, not to be deceive by lies, to live a life of sin and still claim to be a follower of God is a sin. Jude gives a warning to those who follow after these false teaching. Jude the brother of James and the oldest half brother of Jesus (Jobes, 2011)the author who wrote the epistle in 65 AD. Some scholars believe the book was written by someone else by using Jude’s name. Scholars argue that if the brother of Jesus wrote this letter, then it would have been written within that generation, which would have been written in the year of 80 AD (Jobes, 2011). These scholars believe the time of the epistle was written is not of the time of the Great Commission (v17). Some of Jude’s audience were located in Jerusalem and in Palestine, however, near Antioch in Syria. Jobes write, “the fact that Jude had planning to write to them anyway, even before the crisis of heresy relationship …show more content…
Conclusion Jude and 2 Peter both have the right ideal as a leader to guide the church toward the kingdom of God by guiding them away from those leader who teach on false teaching, that is twisting God’s words to please their own fleshly desires. With these false message going out to the world it can cause destruction on people. Therefore if a person believes in God, but don’t believe in Christ thus they have no relationship with God, because He sent His Son Jesus Christ, who was born of a virgin Mary to come to the world and redeem them of their

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