The Epidemic Of Ebola Epidemic Essay

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Epidemics have advanced along the side of technology and modern medicine developments. Because of this, it is important to maintain and update public health policies in order to prevent diseases like the West African Ebola Epidemic. The Ebola crisis originated in West Africa and spread through the region destroying communities and killing thousands. The Ebola scare expanded far past the borders in Africa to affect individuals across the world. Though there were not many infections in areas outside of Africa, Ebola was a world health crisis. There is no doubt that this disease was, and is, a disease worthy of being feared, but what was the lesson learned from it and why did it have the impact that it had? Some could argue that it was the pure severity of the disease that caused billions of people to panic. Some could say that it was the failed responsibility of the government that caused the panic and mass outbreak. Though both of those are true, they are not the principal cause of the outbreak. Karen Glanz explains the Social Ecological model by saying that behaviors are both influenced by and influence the social environment around them in her research on social and behavioral theories. “Lessons From the West African Ebola Epidemic: Towards A Legacy of Strong Health Systems” written by Sarah Roache et al. describes the impact of the Ebola crisis in West Africa and what went wrong, making the disease as bad as it was. They investigate the roles of the international…

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