The Epic Ramayana Of Valmiki Essay

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Marriage is when a man and a woman are bonded by the sacred act of matrimony to begin a family. The bible has conditioned many to believe that woman were made for man and men were made for women. At the top of one 's head, an ideal couple 's relationship should be built on trust, respect, and commitment. The epic Ramayana of Valmiki describes Rama to be the ideal man since he has a strong faith in dharma and is an incarnation of Vishnu, thus making Sita the ideal women. Rama is loved by his people and the next in line for the crown, making him and Sita the power couple of Ayodhya. One of Rama 's mothers, however, asks for Rama to comply with his father 's boon which will leave him exiled for fourteen years in the forest. As Rama and his wife comply with the boon and join the life of hermitage the reader can begin to see why they are considered the ideal couple. However, the ideal couple faces some challenges throughout the epic which can make the reader question if they are really "ideal." It 's a controversial topic if Rama and Sita are really the ideal couple, but through the text the reader can confirm that they are they ideal couple.
The epic begins with Rama being called to his father 's palace and as he travels in his chariot he is receiving flowers and praise by his people. As the people rejoice as the future king passes by they tell one another that, "Rama 's coronation is truly a blessing to all the people. While he rules, and he will rule for a long time, no one…

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