The Epic Poem ' Song Of Roland ' Essay

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In the epic poem, Song of Roland, controversy of who is has more power over the large empire of the Franks, that recently were recently converted to a Christian Empire; The king of the Franks and reason why the empire converted, Charlemagne (means “Charles the Great” and also referred to as Karolus Magnus in Latin) or Pope Leo III and the Medieval Catholic Church during the Crusades. In many different sections of the epic, Charlemagne showed that he was the one in charge by key situations and actions over church such as declaring for an offensive attack on pagans in another territory, trialing and veridiction of a man, the divine power given to Charlemagne in times of despair, and prompting halt and amnesty to those who convert. In summary of Song of Roland, Roland, a fierce and immaculate knight under the command of Charlemagne, is betray by his stepfather, Ganelon. After the Saracen King, Marsile, was drove back to the city of Saragossa, he devises an unethical plan to drive Charlemagne and the Franks out of their territory. Marsile sends a messenger to Charlemagne saying he was willing to convert to Christianity if Charlemagne halted the invasion and returned back to France. Charlemagne makes his first decision that shows he over rules the Medieval Catholic Church. Charlemagne is consulted by Roland about the matter. Roland defends his outlook on the decision as questioning their Christian religious obligation. Though blunt, but considerably making a case of saving the…

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