Essay about The Epic Of War Between The Achaeans And Trojans

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The Iliad is the epic poem of war between the Achaeans and Trojans; the cause of the war is credited to Helen running away with the Trojan Prince Paris. There are myths that state that Helen and Paris were in love and Paris kidnapped her and they eloped, causing Menelaus, Helen’s husband, to begin the war. Although this myth uses the illusion of love to justify the beginnings of the war, Helen expresses to Aphrodite that she is only with cowardly Paris due to the goddess. When Aphrodite appears to Helen to tell her to meet Paris in the bedroom, Helen tells her “Lusting to lure me to my ruin once again? Where will you drive me next?” (The Iliad 3 Lines 461-462), Helen reinforces the argument that she did not desire to run away with Paris, but was rather lured by Aphrodite’s words. Helen expresses that she was limited in power which emphasizes that idea of her restricted human decisions, but her protest also exhibits that she still maintains a sense of agency. Aphrodite did not force Helen to leave her husband for Paris, but her twisted power of love was an outside force that prevented Helen to deliberate and come to a reasonable conclusion. Helen accuses Aphrodite of deciding for her when it came to leaving Menelaus when she states “Where will you drive me next? … Have you a favorite mortal man there too?” (The Iliad Book 3 Lines 462 & 465) Helen’s decision to use the word “you” displays her attempt to rebel against Aphrodite’s effort to control her. Helen realizes that she…

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