The Epic Of Epic Poetry Essay

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The thought that epic poetry is inherently male poetry is true, yet only to the extent that it was a product of the civilization of Greece at the time. First and foremost, the functioning meaning of this claim is that epic poetry features only male leads and functions as commentary and development of solely male roles. While it is true that stories such as The Iliad and The Odyssey do feature male leads and very few, or essentially none in the case of The Iliad, non-static female characters, it should be taken into consideration that this was the desire of the Greek audience for which they were written. Furthermore, Homer altered the function of women between The Iliad and The Odyssey based upon the primary themes of the respective epics themselves. These facets are best illustrated by the Greek values outlined in the stories, the different roles of women based upon the individual story that Homer was perpetuating, and the types of values being illustrated in these stories. Arguably the most persuasive reason that epic poetry is not inherently male poetry, but rather that it was male dominated poetry is that it was written to suit the audience at the time. It is relatively well accepted that the values of the Greeks for which Homer was composing these poems, is outlined in the value systems of the Greek Heroes and societies who are presented themselves within The Iliad and The Odyssey. Therefore, it becomes relatively easy to examine how the role of women within the Greek…

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