The Environmental Issues Of The Environment Essay

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The environment is very essential to humans. Society uses the environment for shelter, food, jobs and more. Everything needed to survive involves the environment yet, majority of America continues to destroy it. The public is educated but to improve the environmental problem a realistic change is needed. Many believe the law can resolve the issue, which to an extent is true. The answer to this conflict is not the law. It should not be required to take specific precautions to better the environment. Allowing the law to manage the environmental issues will only generate more conflict. These problems can and should be resolved willingly by Americans. Society is the leading cause of the environmental issues; the government can be the solution but will only arise secondary conflict in the aspects of economics, beliefs, and crime.
The environment assists in a large portion of the economy. The economy and the environment support one another. Stated in an article written by Patrick O’Driscoll and Elizabeth Weise, “Most people are wary of any government effort to protect the environment by imposing restriction on how they live, work or get around” (391).” Agreed, if the government was to force restrictions on the protection of the environment, many would suffer rather than gain. Limiting what the people can and cannot do to help the environment would not be helping the people economically. For example, people would not be able to not make as much of a profit off their goods because…

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