Essay On Save Our Environment

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Environmental Essay
Cherise Mayo
Civics 2nd

We need to save our environment because it’s important for humans and animals to survive and need to help keep the environment safe, it’s part of why we live. Global warming is a major part of the situation. Fossil fuels and greenhouses gases burn to produce energy, ice has been shrinking from the Earth getting warm and it’s impacting all of the animals that live in these habitats, we need to find ways to help save the animals in the arctic and wilderness and trying to find ways to help save the earth, paris deal is countries coming together trying to make a change. All of theses problems tie together because one situation creates another situation and they all soon become linked in with each other.
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Multiple countries have taken part in the deal like this says ”Nearly 200 countries took part in the negotiations to strike the first climate deal to commit all countries to cut emissions, which would come into being in 2020”(BBC Science and Environment). They won’t begin until 2020 but they still want to try and come up with ways cut down on things that make the the climate change. This can help try and cool down the earth if everyone around the world helps. There main goal is to try and change the temperature and cut down on everything that affects the environment like this says ”Key points: to peak greenhouse gases emissions as soon as possible, to keep global temperature increase ‘well below’ 2 celsius”(BBC Science and Environment). That means that the temperature is the main thing they want to change and accomplish in 2020. It took them a while to decide on what they actually want to achieve and change.“A deal to attempt to limit the rise in global temperature to less than 2 celsius has agreed at the climate change summit in paris after 2 weeks of intense negotiations”(BBC Science and Environment). After two weeks of talking they finally decide to change the temperature and hope that it stops most climate …show more content…
President Eisenhower wanted to protect acres of the wilderness. ”President eisenhower set the arctic aside in the 1960 and to this day, it remains the only national wildlife established ‘for the purpose of preserving unique wildlife, wilderness, and recreational values’” (National Wildlife Refuge Association). He protected a lot of acres in 1960’s and it remains the national wildlife. President Obama last year wanted to take a whole bunch of acres and keep it protected.”On january 25, 2015 secretary of the interior Sally Jewel announced that president obama will officially recommend to congress that 12.8 millions acres if the arctic national wildlife refuge, including the coastal plain, be permanently protected as wilderness”(National Wildlife Refuge Association). He recommended that they should protect millions of acres to keep it safe undamaged. The wilderness that are in the national wilderness remains untouched. ”wilderness is a federal designation that requires an area to be left in its natural state and has not been significantly modified by human activity”(National Wildlife Refuge Association). No human can be able to mess with the grounds in the

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