The English Patient And A Farewell On Arms Essay examples

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The English Patient and A Farewell to Arms both have the same main idea, the World War. Both of the books are about how the war affects the main characters lives and how it changes them completely. Both books have similarities in their symbols and themes, but a difference in the author’s writing style. Like in The English Patient, there are alternating points of views causing the reader to be a bit confused about who is speaking at that moment in the book. The book only has 10 chapters and each chapter revolves around the chapter title. The beginning of the book starts off with the nurse, Hana, who takes care of the English Patient. Then later on Hana meets, David Cavagarrio, an old friend that is a thief that later on turns out to be a spy and makes a new friend, Kirpal Singh, who dismantles bombs that are hidden, and surrounding the villa. As the book continues, the reader learns about each character’s past and how they end up at the villa. The writing style is different in A Farewell to Arms because there is only one point of view and that is of Henry’s thoughts, sight, and hearing. There are five books that separate the chapters. Each book has its own main point that is detailed out by the chapters. Book one starts out by Henry meeting Catherine where they start their attraction towards each other. Book two talks about Henry getting injured and being hospitalized where Catherine is sometimes there to take care of him. Book three…

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