The Endings Of Stories Are Crucial For Making A Good Tale Essay examples

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The endings of stories are crucial to making a good tale. Endings are used for wrapping up the falling action, explaining the mysteries, and tying up loose ends. Without endings, stories would constantly have one event after another happen with no stopping point and the conclusion would be left of to a reader 's imagination. Due to the vitality of endings, readers must evaluate them based one whether or not they do a fine job at concluding the story instead of whether the ending is happy or not. In The October Killings by Wessel Ebersohn, the ending takes place over three chapters. In these chapters the story sometimes succeeds and sometimes does not succeed at explaining what happens to all of the characters.

Throughout the book, the reader encounters a plethora of characters that all become affected in someway due to the story 's plot. The first part of the ending focuses on Johanna, the main character 's assistant who helps her obtain basic information and aids in helping the main character, Abigail, do her main job, as Abigail helps solve the mystery throughout the book. One of Abigail 's duties for her main job is to schedule and plan the Department of Justice Conference and Johanna is the one does most of the work in planning this event. As a result, Johanna is the person who runs the conference. This section of the ending takes place during the conference and explains how Johanna thinks everything is going perfectly until Former President Mandela. This sends her…

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