The End Of American Slavery Essay

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The end of American slavery is usually associated with the American Civil War, but closer examination shows that the actual roots of slavery’s ending begin with the American Revolution. The links between the revolution and the decline of slavery are shown by the history of conflict between American colonists and British colonial authorities, the changes in the American economy during the 18th and 19th centuries, and the transformation of American attitudes about equality during this time. The revolution changed American government from a system based on loyalty to the British government, which many colonists felt worked through coercion, to a constitutional republic based on the idea of self-government. Conflicts between British authorities and American colonists challenging their sovereignty led in 1770 to the Boston Massacre, in which protesters were killed, and riots between Sons of Liberty activists and British soldiers in New York over anti-government posters. Such conflicts led the Virginia House of Burgesses to set up a committee to communicate with other colonial legislatures about their compliants against British authorities. By 1776, the Declaration of Independence was drafted, overriding the British ban on naturalizing new settlers. The revolution and subsequent Constitution set the stage for a society controlled by American voters, but this created debates about who should be included as voting citizens. The 1790 Census Act facilitated direct representation…

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