The Emperor Of Rome From 37-41 Ad Essay

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Emperor Research Questions
1. What is the name of your emperor?
The name of my emperor was, Gaius Caesar, “Caligula”, which means (little boot).

2. When was he in power? Caligula was in power as the third emperor of Rome from 37-41 AD.


3. Write one substantial paragraph (at least 5 sentences) describing and contextualizing what was happening in Rome at this time? Mention any enemies Rome may have had at this time.
During this time Rome was at a peak, the had complete control of the Mediterranean, Rome was so large and powerful it had no real foreign enemies at this time. However, domestically, a lot was happening in Rome at this time. Right before Caligula came to power, his grandfather, Tiberius was in charge as the second emperor of Rome, not many people liked Tiberius. He was a harsh emperor, citizens of Rome were heavily taxed, and unfairly imprisoned by their emperor. In 37 A.D, when Tiberius died, he was supposedly killed, a lot changed in Rome, the very person who supposedly killed him, his grandson, Caligula, was elected as emperor at age 24, an age many citizens thought was too young, however he changed Rome by Releasing the imprisoned citizens and eliminated the tax his grandfather had put on the citizens. However Rome changed for the worst after their new emperor, Caligula, recovered from his sickness and began doing things to the citizens of…

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