Failure In Vittorio's Misguided Decisions

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Frank’s and Vittorio’s mothers are inadequate as parents, which results in the boys having to look to others for a parental figure in their lives. Vittorio’s mother, Cristina, makes several misguided decisions that ultimately results in Vittorio’s well being to be compromised. Cristina’s decision to have an affair results in Vittorio’s abuse in school. He is emotionally, physically and sexually abused because of the prejudice he has to endure as the result of his mother’s poor decisions. This has a negative impact on Vittorio because he is psychologically scarred for the rest of his life and all because of his mother’s decisions. His teacher, La Maestra, tries to protect him, but is unable to in the end. Vittorio seeks help and an escape in …show more content…
This has a negative impact on Frank, as he is forced to put money over his education at the meagre age of fourteen. Education is of great importance and everyone is entitled to it, but Frankie is deprived from this. Frankie turns to his neighbours for guidance and they all put great importance on his education. This is seen with his neighbour Mr. Hannon. He tells Frank one day, “School, Frankie, school. The books, the books, the books. Get out of Limerick before your legs rot and your mind collapses entirely.”(McCourt 260). Despite his neighbours’ attempt at motivating Frank, his poor appearance prevents him from getting a higher education. He does not have any clothes because of his mother’s addiction. Next, Cristina and Angela are poor caregivers. Cristina is too absorbed with herself to pay attention to Vittorio and how she treats him. Cristina treats Vittorio like he is older and more mature than the six year old he is. This is seen when she is in the hospital after being bitten by a snake. Cristina says to Vittorio, “You’ll take care of me, eh, Vittorio?” (Ricci 19). She expects Vittorio to play the role of a spouse or …show more content…
The fathers cause the boys to become misguided with their views for they were never taught nor guided in the right direction. Frank’s and Vittorio’s grandparents deterring attitudes cause the boys to not trust their own families. The boys’ mothers ineptitude forces the boys to find alternative role models in their lives. In the end, family has an immense impact in one’s life because they guide one through tough times and teach one how to deal with life’s

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