The Emergency And Crisis Of The Disaster Of Hurricane Katrina

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In the following paper I will make a recount of the event that was the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and I will use the terms that refers to Collective Behavior to explain some action take after the disaster occurred. Collective Behavior is the accountability for people actions as the come together. In another words this is the process of labeling the actions of group of people.
Following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina people left in the city were face with the reality that resource were few and that social norm was out of the window. “Wenger uses the terms emergency and crisis for the classification and analysis of disasters. In general terms, emergency situations are those in which traditional and existing social arrangements are sufficient
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Blumer mentions the term for this condition is call Mental Unity, which is when people in crowds faced with an unknown or unique situation are unsure of how to act. People often tend to react in the same way as they see other act, so if some or starts to act violent and or looting other can and will follow. (Miller Pg. 28) A great deal of these issues came to light thanks to local and national News. Mainly between the races and classes of those who remain in the city. The lack of assistance provided by the United States government was one of the main problems but it was not the only one. Some groups blamed the government, saying that the government slow reaction was do to the fact that the city’s population was mainly African American. But in any case they response of the government was not …show more content…
Morial Convention Center other wise known as the superdome was used as shelter. Some of the initial reports of the chaos that occurred in the Superdome were very extreme, but later it was found to be just rumors. The Superdome was the place where all of those who were in need of shelter, food and water could find a safe place. For the most part it was, it was not perfect but it helped those in need. But the building was described as chaotic and the report of sex crimes mention in the news were over exaggerated, the actual reported rape accounted for only a hand full of incidents of sexual assault and only a few deaths were found.
According to some of the research I have done of the New Orleans crime website the crime before Hurricane Katrina was very high. After all the commotion in New Orleans was taken under control, criminal activity in New Orleans dropped even below what was consider to be normal for New

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