Essay about The Electric Field Has Changed Our Lives

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Imagine a world without electricity, a period of prolonged darkness, not just a brief power outage. Attempt to envision a world where time does not exist. Sounds abnormal, yet for the greater part of human presence, this is the means by which we lived. The sun was the nearest instrument we had to a clock, and it contained all the information we desired. Endeavor to picture a world where there is no such thing as a stove to cook an evening feast for your growing family; no television to watch your most beloved shows; not even a light bulb to light your path in the middle of the night. If you try to image any of the above scenarios, you get a vivid sense of the immense value that electricity provides us with every day and everywhere. You will understand how it has manufactured our modern society. We became accustomed to this way of living and never imagined the impact electricity could have on our lives. The major advancements made specifically in the electric field has changed humanity for the better and brighter. Perhaps one of the greatest, most impressive and successful engineering peaks of the modern era is the harnessing of electricity. In particular, a massive machine called the electrical power grid. This machine has given humanity a future with endless possibilities. Our human race has become interdependent on each other in result of this amazing discovery. The roots, the complexity and the multiple uses of the electrical power grid has created a permanent stamp…

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