The Electoral Process: Corruption In The Election Process

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Corruption in the Election Process When the polls close on Election Day the results are known almost instantly and for the most part the ballots are usually counted accurately and rapidly with no one to dispute the results. Voting has become not just confusing but also difficult; each state has its own rules as to how delegates are allocated, which can make the process utterly complicated. Creating more rules and regulations will make voting even more convoluted and worthless to many Americans, especially with the dominance of a two-party system and how the Constitution sets up how the President of the United States is elected. The United States is run by a republic type of government that is designed to run by the people for the people. However, …show more content…
The Electoral College undermines the American people’s beliefs in the process; there has been three times in American history when a candidate has won the popular vote but lost because of the Electoral College. The intent of the electoral voting system is to create a closer connection between voters and the elected representatives in order to prevent people from selecting unqualified candidates. Regardless, it is hard to measure corruption despite the perception of Americans believing that their impact in the election does not count. A handful of states have been battlegrounds in recent elections, and roughly more than 38 states have an incentive of eliminating the Electoral College to allow the popular to have a direct impact on the polls, meaning one vote equals one vote period (Lilly 2012). The Electoral College is so dangerous because it creates a false sense of hope for people to believe that they are living and working under a fair set of rules. People are more likely to follow the rules and laws voluntarily when they believe that their voice is being heard. Procedural justice impacts American democracy and has an active role in the political process that encourages Americans to be law-abiding citizens. In short, the Electoral College influences and implants the idea to the American people that all their votes’ matter, when in reality the process ensures that some votes matter more than

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