The Election Of President Of The United States Essay example

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This past election, Harambe received numerous votes for president of The United States. Yes – you read that right – a dead gorilla received a significant number of votes for president.

To make things worse, this isn’t the first time ridiculous ballot write-ins have been received in high volume during an election.

In previous years’ write-ins such as Mikey Mouse, Jesus, Vladimir Putin, Harry Potter and “Nobody” have all received a substantial number of votes for president.

In fact, according to Alternet, 1.4 million Americans pledged to vote for Jesus Christ in the 2012 Presidential Election. These individuals pledged to vote for Jesus to express their Anti-Mormon (Romney) stance as well as their anger towards Obama.

Individuals who voted for candidates such as these were simply throwing their votes away.

Many people neglect to take our elections seriously.

This is primarily a result of the fact that many people feel as though their vote doesn’t matter.

This is largely a result of the way that the president is selected – via The Electoral College.

The Electoral College is comprised of 538 Electors, each senator (two per state) receives one vote and each member of The House of Representatives (based off population) also receive one vote.

It is the votes of these Electors that comprise the 270 votes required to secure the presidency.

This raises the question of why we have this type of indirect democracy – where elected representatives govern in the interest of…

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