The Egyptian Pyramids And The Pyramids Essay

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One of the last Seven Wonders of the World to be standing is the Egyptian Pyramids. The pyramids were one of the first of the seven wonders to be built and is also one of the tallest to this day. What makes the pyramids so interesting is how they were built. The pyramids were built with no modern tech-nology in hand. So they were basically by man and man-made tools.
The reason the Great Pyramid was built was for the Old Kingdom ruler Khufu, the pyramid had a burial chamber built inside with a stone sarcophagus because Khufu had planned to be buried and that was going to hold his mummified body. The pyramid was also known to be designed before Khufu had died, so that probably means that the passageways had to be built leading to the outside and to the burial chamber so that Khu-fu’s mummified body could be transported to his final resting place (Snape 6). So after two months the Egyptians finally came up with a plan to build the largest structure which was the pyramid that covered the tomb. To the east was the mortuary temple which is where the pharaoh’s ka would sometimes dwell. Then extending from both sides of the mortuary temple and enclosing the area around the base was a wall called the Temenos Wall. In the Far East on the banks of the river was the valley temple to which the body of the pharaoh would be first brought (Macaulay 11). The temples that were connected by an enclosed passage was called the causeway (Macaulay 14). The Queen’s Pyramids were built on the…

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