The Effects Of Wind Power On Our Environment Essays

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Fossil fuels are the leading producer of the energy that we use. The over use of fossil fuels is leading to an abundance of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The buildup of carbon dioxide is leading to global warming however, there is something that can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas being put into our environment. Instead of using fossil fuels to provide energy we can start using wind power. Wind power is considered renewable energy because it continues to exist there is no end to wind. However, there are some negatives in the use of wind power. Before we examine the positive and negative of wind power we need a better understanding of what wind power is exactly.
Wind power today is created by wind turbines – modern-day windmills. The structure of wind turbines is similar to the wings of an airplane. The blades are designed in such a way that instead of being pushed by wind they are pulled through the air. When the blades turn mechanical energy is created and then turned into electrical energy. In order for wind turbines to be efficient there are several factors that play a role in how well they work including: wind speed, tower height, blade length, and air density. When the wind speed is higher then it will produce more power. Keeping this in mind trees and buildings slow wind speed so towers that are build higher produce more energy. The longer the blades of the wind turbines are the more energy can be produced. The geographic location of wind turbines also…

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