Essay The Effects Of Water On The Country Of New Zealand

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Water is a significant resource for the country of New Zealand with the country’s population growing, agricultural sector expanding and our climate changing from too dry to too wet and vice versa constantly. For some regions of New Zealand, the water and wastewater sector produce a considerable amount of the local greenhouse gas emissions. Grey water is relatively clean water from showers, baths, and sinks. This water can be cleaned and reused however many homes do not have a greywater system, therefore, allowing for the greywater to be released into the sewage system this is a waste of water that can easily be reused. In July 2006, a study was carried out in Kapiti Coast, this study involved the installation of monitoring equipment in 12 households in the Kapiti Region. A flow trace analysis was used to disaggregate. The results from this study showed that during summer the usage of water per person was around 204 Litres and 184 Litres per person in the winter. Statistics showed that approximately 50 percent of the water used in the summer was disposed as greywater into the sewage system and 60 percent of the water used in the winter was disposed of as greywater. Results also showed that 22% of the water used during the study was used for showers, 20.5% for washing machines and 17.4% used for toilets. To reduce the usage of water it is recommended that households switch to low flow shower heads, top loader washing machines, and dual flush toilets.
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