The Effects Of Violent Media On Children Essay

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There are of course several factors that go into having an overall aggressive personality or behaviors. However, many studies have directly shown that children who are exposed to high levels of media violence are a lot more likely to act violently and aggressively in real life than those who have very limited or no viewing (Ciccarelli & White, 2011). One of the first attempts to showcase this was Bandura’s “bobo doll” experiment, where a group of children were shown a lady aggressively beating a blow up clown (Ciccarelli & White, 2011). The group that witnessed the violent behavior, once placed in the playroom with said doll and other toys always imitated the behavior they had seen; while the group that wasn’t shown the video did not (Ciccarelli.& White, 2011).
Personally, I believe that violent media does have a great effect on children. Children are very impressionable and learn a lot of their behavior and what behaviors are acceptable and or normal from observation. Whether it’s from their parents, family members, friends, or in this case characters and people on television, video games, or online. I believe that, especially in recent years, children get a lot of their education and influence from watching television. Sure there are many parents who do monitor their children’s viewing options and time on television and other forms of media but many if not most parents, as much as they would like to, just do not have time to constantly do that and or are just unaware of…

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