Essay about The Effects Of Violence On Domestic Violence

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ADomestic violence as a definition has developed significantly over time, previously this behaviour was limited to just physical violence, however the current definition has branched out to include emotional, financial, sexual and psychological abuse. The Home Office defines this as being ‘any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse.’ There is no doubt that the law has evolved over time to generate an increased awareness of domestic violence, whilst also offering a wide range of resources and protective measures for the victims. One of the main focal points stemming from the Family Law Act 1996 , is the topic of forced marriage and forced marriage protection orders. This in turn brings about the discussion of coercive control, honour killings, police response and the options a victim has in relation to the current law. The criminalisation of forced marriage in 2014 and the breach of an FMPO has been widely debated as either being a hindrance or a positive change in law, by a range of academics and officials. Some academics such as Idriss , Washbrook and Julios argue that the criminalisation of forced marriages has had a combination of positive and negative impacts for victims. They believe that criminalisation is necessary as an important signal that the law takes it seriously, but it also puts victims in a difficult position to bring forth proceedings against their families where honour is concerned. Others,…

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