Essay on The Effects Of Violence On College Campuses

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Violence is defined as behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. However, violence is not merely constituted by throwing punches or leaving bruises; violence also entails the sexual violation of one’s body. Of all people, women are especially prone to violence, present in sites such as fraternities on college campuses to intimate relationships with a supposedly trustworthy partner. While fraternities and intimate relations are sites of differing forms of violence, women in both situations neglect to report their abuse out of fear. Present on nearly every college campus, fraternities are stereotypically notorious for consuming only pizza and beer, hosting giant parties every weekend supplied with a plethora of alcohol, and being the “jocks” of college. However, not all conventional images surrounding Greek life are this inoffensive. In addition, frat members are labelled as predators and fraternities are known as the locality where most sexual violence on campus occurs. While this is not the case for every frat in existence, the evidence supporting such beliefs are staggering. According to Gary Tash, a majority of gang rapes on campus involve fraternity men, and Ehrhart and Sandler find that “over fifty cases” of gang rapes on campus are also perpetrated by fraternity men (Martin, Hummer, 405). Such violence is rooted in fraternities’ concerns regarding images of masculinity as well as the commodification of women. For…

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