Human Papillomavirus Essay

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When most people think about getting sick or cold and flu season they think of winter. This is because it’s when most people do get sick. Studies suggest that the body’s system that defends doesn’t work as well or as fast at cooler temperatures, so here in lies the problem and only makes sense why everyone gets sick in the winter. Really, it’s not just during the winter that people get sick, it’s constantly all the time. We are always contracting new sicknesses and repeatedly spreading around our germs. So why wouldn’t we prevent these things from happening if we could? No one wants to see their family members or friends suffer while being sick, so why not try to prevent all of it from happening? Some people refuse to get their families vaccinated for sicknesses that we are able to prevent. Why do they do this you ask, well some claim to not have the money to do so, others don’t believe in vaccinations, and some people are flat out …show more content…
Human papillomavirus, otherwise known as HPV, is the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. HPV is a virus strain that deals with genital warts and cancer, but there is a vaccine for this and it reduces the infection of the virus. There are different types of HPV, some cause warts on hands and feet, others cause genital warts, and some are known to be linked with cancers such as cervical, anal, vulvar, and penile cancer. Although there are vaccines for this infection many teens and their parents choose not to vaccinate themselves. There are many different reasons for why people don’t get vaccinated. Some say that their “child is not/ will not/ should not be having sexual rations. So why would they need an HPV vaccine” (McCandless, 2010)? When in reality the statistics show that 7% of kids ages 12 to 13 have already had sex (ACIP, 2007). Why risk not knowing for sure if your children are truly sexually active, better safe than

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