The Effects Of Underage Drinking On College Campuses Essay

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In 1983, a large percentage of alcohol related car crashes were due to underage drinking. That was a year before the drinking age was changed to 21 and statistics like these drastically changed. The minimum legal drinking age or MLDA was changed to 21 in 1984. It was adopted by all the states to create a safer environment for everyone. This new law cracked down on every problem. Underage drinking on college campuses was one that took a big hit. College students can no longer legally drink which is making colleges more secure places for learning. Health was another aspect being negatively affected by the MLDA 18. The drinking age of 21 is beneficial for both the minds and bodies of those drinking, along with the health of those around them. Drunk driving involving underage drinkers was extremely frequent before MLDA 21. Fortunately, it has now dramatically calmed down and improved the assurance of the roads for others. Throughout the years, MLDA 21 has positively influenced the lives of so many Americans. Reverting back to the drinking age of 18 should not be an option because it will erase the progress made so far. Although many Americans argue for the drinking age to be returned to 18, the age of 21 eliminates many negative effects and creates a much safer environment for teens and young adults.

Drinking on college campuses and even periodically in high school is a common occurrence. Before MLDA 21 a very unhealthy amount of drinking was happening underage. As a result,…

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