The Effects Of The Watergate Scandal

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Register to read the introduction… According to political Journalist Theodore White, Nixon got an unrealistically positive reception from the press when he was a young politician from the Los Angeles Times, a publication whose praise carried much weight in public opinion on politics. When a management change occurred at the Times, journalists began to report on him negatively, and this was the beginning of his distrust for the media. Nixon felt, in fact, that the entire "political universe ...was hostile to him and all his goals." During his first term as president, the media was not overly critical of him or his administration. In fact, Historian Godfrey Hodgson goes so far as to say that "the Administration, all things considered, got a remarkably easy ride from the press." But that didn't matter to Nixon; he still believed that the press was out to get …show more content…
has a responsibility to this office to maintain the separation of power and also maintain the ability of... this President [and] future Presidents to conduct the office in the interests of the people. Now, in order to do that, it is essential that the confidentiality of discussions that the President has... be uninhibited, that they be candid"

Because he never personally felt that the tapes would ever be heard by a Supreme Court, he didn't fear the illegal activities that forced his resignation in 1974.

However, in conjunction with his valuing of the secrecy of the presidency, it should be noted that at times Nixon did not even recognize that his actions were criminal. On April 29th of 1973 Nixon released most, but not all, of the relevant portions of the tape recordings of his conversations in the White House. In a speech he delivered the same day he declared that "I want there to be no question remaining about the fact that the President has nothing to hide in this matter." When he said this, according to Nixon's attorney J. Fred Buzhardt, "he really thought he was innocent... he didn't think he had done anything of a criminal nature or an impeachable nature. That was the

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