The Effects Of The On The Society Essay

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To say that they 'd led an intense life wouldn 't even be putting it lightly. The four girls had become much more than friends during an intensely dangerous handful of years over the course of high school, tormented by a common enemy only known as "A". They 'd since solved the mystery, eventually discovering A 's true identity, bringing her to justice, and finally attaining some measure of peace. The damage was done, however. Some degree of PTSD, if you will. But more powerful than that was the bond that they had formed as friends. It could be said that they 'd been through more than 20 adults ' experience in their entire lifetimes, combined. In a way, they 'd become a sisterhood of sorts, with a bond equaling that of true sisters. At least in loyalty. They would forever be in each others corner, no matter what. However, the effects on the group as a whole aside, there were differences between each of the girls in how they 'd managed the stresses of such a life. Even five years after bringing "A" to justice, these effects would still have their hold on each of the girls, and would come roaring back with a vengeance once they 'd gotten together for the first time since heading off to college.

Aria in particular hadn 't slept a full night since it all ended. Rather, she had simply learned to sleep with one eye open instead. Despite having no reason to believe she was in any danger whatsoever, she simply couldn 't get over the fear of once needing to be alert at all times. It…

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