The Effects Of Television Show On The People Room And All Of The Sudden The Tv Show

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In 2006 I was watching a tv show with my family in the living room and all of the sudden the tv show was interrupted in order to broadcast a speech from former president of Mexico,Felipe Calderon.I remember paying attention to his body language.He looked insecure and maybe unsure of what he was stating.I remember he took a moment before saying “Mexico is declaring war to the narco”.I was only ten years at the time and didn’t understand the situation,but one thing I was sure about;that since that day my life wouldn’t be the same.
At the moment of the broadcast,I was currently living in Matamoros,Mexico which is a border town to Brownsville, Texas.Due to its border location it happens to be the hometown of the biggest drug cartel in Mexico,The Gulf Cartel(CDG).Since the transmission everything changed you couldn’t go out after the sunset.There was fear in the streets.You could see how people were afraid just to be outside their houses.All of the sudden everything changed.You saw military trucks with a 50 caliber gun in top of the truck patrolling the streets.Shoot-outs were an everyday thing.You could be driving around at noon,and you will see a gun battle between narcos and the military.This war not only brought violence to the streets,but also brought people to fear for their lives.The CDG main source of financial income was the traffic of drugs in to the United States.With gun battles everyday the CDG had to find other sources of income in order to keep fighting the war…

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