The Effects Of Television And Video On Children Essay

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Television and video games have had an increasing growth in marketing, and in homes all around us. It has become an essential in many homes. Like most television and video games, it has provided a way for children and adults to amuse themselves. The area in which I would like to focus on in particular is youth. The video games that hit the store, are zombie related, gun related and usually have some concept of violence as well as television. With television being unsupervised it is easy for a child to have whatever he or she wants to watch or play at their fingertips. Violent television and video games has become a big aspect in the lives of youth, according to studies and data conducted which has had a big had effect of violence on youth in the short and long term.
The impact of television since its creation in 1927 has been phenomenal. Only 10% of houses had a television at the halfway mark. The rapid increase of televisions increased greatly in homes by 1960 from 10% to 90% of homes by 1960. By 1996 television had increased into 99% in American homes. Given the increase of televisions and its popularity, youth has had more opportunities to view programs without parent consent or supervision. In an article by Eugene Bersin, data and related studies reveal that youth watch about twenty-eight hours or more a week, which is well over hours spent in school. Then the reality of it all comes together that youth spend more time watching television than they do learning in…

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