The Effects Of Technology On Our Life Essay

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Positive Effects of Technology in Our Life
There is little doubt that technology plays an important role in our life. Therefore, the use of technology has exceedingly increased. Scientists also focus on improving and creating up-to-date versions to satisfy human beings’ needs. From our viewpoints, there are three main benefits of technology including the advantage in transportation, the improvement of daily lives, and the effectiveness of work and study achievements.
First, technology has made a considerable influence on transportation. People are familiar with the transportation modes in the past including “men on foot, animals, wheeled carts, boats, trains, trolleys, buses and personal transportation, otherwise known as cars” (Koch, page 11). With the assistance of technology, amphibious vehicle is invented. Amphibious vehicle is used for transporting passengers and cargo that can operate on land and in water. Hydra Spyder is an example of this vehicle that has an ability to “seat 4 people and can easily pull a water skier with speeds of 46 knots in the water. In road tests, they can run the Hydra Spyder at speeds of over 125 mph.” (“Hydra Spyder”, paragraph 1). Furthermore, electrical vehicle is presented. Electric bicycle is brought out to use as a simple, convenient, cheap, and economical transportation. “The real advantage to electric bicycles in my view is efficiency in climbing hills or fighting the wind combined with better range. If you experience knee pain or…

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