Durkheim Theory Of Suicide Essay

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According to the graph above, we can see how suicide rates are higher in more isolated states such as Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Colorado, and New Mexico. These five states are five of the top ten states with highest suicide rate. They all even have a low population. The highest population being Colorado with 5.3 million. Wyoming has a population of about 580,000 people, however, New York has a population of almost 19.7 million. Suicide and population have a negative correlation. As one goes up the other goes down. As population goes down suicide rate goes up. Alaska has a population of 700.000 people but, a suicide rate of 35%. The graph also shows that the more populated states have less suicide rates. We also see that states in isolated areas …show more content…
The larger the population, the more work force needed. This leads to more opportunities in larger cities compared to small ones. Durkheim also discusses that religion plays a role in suicide. Many religions do not approve of suicide. In most current religions suicide is not practiced unlike before where giving one’s life was a tradition to worshiping god. Durkheim identified Catholicism as a religion with strong social bonds. Almost 33% of New York is Catholics. Durkheim also says the low integration leads to a person assuming he or she is less wanted and they feel excluded or rejected by groups causing them to have a higher chance of suicide. Durkheim’s theory also shows that men or women affiliated with a religion are less likely to commit suicide compared to someone who is atheist. Protestants however have a higher suicide rate compared to Catholic. This goes back to how Catholics have stronger social bonds proving this to be true. Married men are less likely to commit suicide. In contrast widowed or single men and women have a more likely chance to commit suicide due to mourning. This leads to how social cohesion plays a role in suicide. The more cooperation and help one receives the less likely they would commit suicide. Married individuals have someone to

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