Essay on The Effects Of Suicide On Family And Friends

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The Huffington Post wrote a compelling article of about a father who is coming forward 12 years after his son took his life. Ryan is the thirteen year old child that took his life because of bullying and homophobic teasing. His parents took the correct approach and put him into therapy and always supported him. Unfortunately, that was not enough to help him. The family has since then took it on themselves to speak openly about suicide and how to prevent it. They have been to over 1,300 schools to speak of this story. The main goal of his father speaking is to help kids understand the significant and long lasting impact of suicide on family and friends(A Father 's Painful…).
Suicide is something that can be viewed as a selfish act, as if you are taking away your own pain and passing it on to the people that you surrounded yourself with in your lifetime. Some believe that people that are suicidal do not attempt to open themselves up for the help that is there for them. Although the person committing suicide is able to escape the pain, they seem to not take into account that their loved ones have to live with that for the rest of their lives. There is no escaping the pain of losing someone because of suicide. As said by many, suicide is a permanent solution to a nonpermanent problem.
Others believe that suicide is far from selfish. If someone is unhappy, why is it selfish of them to do what they believe is going to make them happy. You may argue that expecting them to continue…

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