The Importance Of Mass Shootings And Police Brutality

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Recently, mass shootings and police brutality incidents have gained national attention, being a widely discussed topic in the presidential campaigns and provoking people to protest. It is true that these issues are important, for lives are being taken. Yet, could those issues voiced heavily by the media distract the public’s awareness of more urgent issues? Unfortunately, this does occur. The audience is kept unaware of problems that could be more relevant or detrimental to them. For example, in the United States there is an overwhelming amount of suicides carried out with guns in the United States. During a time period consumed by gun violence, it is clear that suicides committed with guns must be placed under more scrutiny.
Although the amount of deaths from mass shootings and police brutality are still high, they are relatively lower than suicides from guns. In 2010, there were 11,078 homicides committed with a firearm, but in the same year, 19,392 suicides were carried out with firearms (“Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence” 3). Since more lives are being taken by suicide, more attention needs to be directed towards the issue in regard to gun policy. There cannot be any impactful reform until Americans do so.
Compared to other well developed countries, the United States has the greatest quantity of
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This problem can be improved by using prevention methods to similar crimes. The laws could be modified to target suicides specifically. This was accomplished by Australia after an incident, and they were able to create laws that decreased crimes and suicides. People should learn to appreciate their life. If done, they will be able to value other’s as well. A weapon is the last item a person who struggles with this needs, so creating laws that restricts Americans’ access to guns is the best

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