Essay On Family Addiction

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Today, addiction comes in many different kinds of forms. Drugs and alcohol are the most common type of addiction. On a more personal level, my grandma is an alcoholic and it is very hard to have holidays with her when she is always delusional. Addiction is classified as a substantial dependence on a certain substance that has drastic withdrawal consequences when the individual stops using that substance (“Substance, Gale). Doctors and other professionals like to call an addiction an out-of-control impulse disorder. By participating in these exciting activities, like drugs or alcohol, it can trigger the release of brain chemicals that travels through the bloodstream to the brain. Nerve cells in the brain then release more chemicals that …show more content…
Substance abuse can complicate many family lifestyles and how they operate. Addictions to these harmful chemicals can be responsible for marital and other relationship difficulties. Other side effects can range from general family dysfunctions to child or spousal abuse (Botvin, Griffin, and Gilchrist). Unhappiness is a common occurrence when a family member uses a drug or is alcohol dependent (Helwig). Domestic violence is a common occurrence when addictions are taken place. Anger is built up from withdrawal symptoms and many times the user takes their anger out on those that they love. Not because they are mad at them, but because they are the only ones that will put up with the actions that the user decides to do. Most of the time, addictions can lead to users being unmotivated in any social gathering (Robin). Alcoholism contributes to a variety of severe social problems: homelessness, murder suicide, injury, and violent crime. Alcohol is a contributing factor in 50% of all deaths due to motor vehicle accidents (“Alcohol”). Furthermore, addicts fail to live up to their responsibilities because they do not have their priorities straight. They are more likely to be in trouble with the law. Also, they increase the risk of endangering not only themselves, but others around them

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