The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children Essay

740 Words Mar 6th, 2016 3 Pages
A Brain in our early adolescents through their mid-Twenties is still under development. Their brains develop from front to back. Their physical coordination, emotion, and motivation is the first to develop .The prefrontal cortex is the last proportion of the brain to develop. This part of the brain allows our adolescents to evaluate and make complex judgements ( Sowell et al;,2001 Sowell et al., 2003) The prefrontal cortex is their master controller of the judgements and those impulsive and reasoning behaviors. As a result of the underdevelopment in the brain we shall see behaviors that include high excitement and the low activities and drugs alcohol also Relationship with the opposite sex. Relationship with the opposite sex migh lead to rash decision making. These types of rash behaviors an adolescent will take, greatly impacts their development for years to come. We will examine how these behavior hinder their development. Substance abuse has the potential to inhibit healthy neurological development. While participating in substance abuse a significant social emotional and academic development disrupts and even prohibits healthy effective skills and development. For example, they may make risky behaviors that often lead to physical deterioration and illness. While being under the influence of drugs we have a greater risk of practicing unsafe sex. Consequently, it will expose them to STD infections. Repeated drug abuse often impacts the memory of our…

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