Essay about The Effects Of Sports On Sports And Sports

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Today across the world, sports have become a major part of many peoples lives, fanatics of sports have revolved their lives around sporting events and spent hundreds of dollars on events, betting and apparel. Then, there are many rumors spread about teams and athletes on television on the media, and that’s how people see athletes as “just” famous athletes who done live normal lives like fanatics do. What not television and social media is not showing is the psychological effects of the athlete’s performance, that can be due do to many reasons depending on the situation. The role of sports psychologists is to diagnose the athletes before that situation arises to a worse circumstance. The variables could be the cohesiveness of coaches teaching, psychological effects of post surgery pain and rehabilitation, and what mental disorders athletes don’t realize they are suffering from due to sports.
Evidentially, a major effect of an athletes’ performance is the coaches “coaching style”. There is numerous amount of pressure put on professional and competitive teams because they are all playing for the same goal, to win. Especially, as a job profession coaches have to do well in order to keep their job, therefore they put that pressure on the athletes and push them to win. But how far is too far? When watching any sporting event on television coaches will get kicked out of the game and leaving them with a bad reputation because of bad behavior such as, over excessive yelling,…

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