The Effects Of Social Media On The Physical And Psychological Wellbeing Of Athletes

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I. Introduction 2
 Purpose
 Thesis
 Premise of the outcome
II. Performance and psychological 2
1.1 Challenging performance
1.2 Mental energy
1.3 Coming of age
III. Communication 3
2.1 Sports communication
2.2 Bridging the gap
IV. Identity 4
3.1 Commodification of sports by the media
3.2 Integration of media in sports
3.3 Socialization of media-sport industry
V. Media benefits 6
4.1 Effective ways of using social media for sports
Summary 7 Reference

The research topic that has been established is to explore the effects of social media and traditional media on the physical and psychological wellbeing of athletes. There is no denying the impact that Social media has on our culture and on industries around the world. It is a powerful tool in the sports world and can be a catalyst for success by empowering people and fueling ideas. Social media and traditional print media have adverse effects on the psychological wellbeing and physical performance of athletes and the athlete’s social stature within a communal hierarchy. Exploring the articulation of sports marketing and challenging social conformity through the media.
1.1 Challenging performance
Athletic performance relating to physical entities is often a misconceived interpretation. Physical transcendence is beyond mere brute force, but rather a balance; a yin yang of physical prowess and psychological stability. This equates to the most optimum performance on and off the…

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