The Effects Of Social Media On College Students Essay

1427 Words Jan 24th, 2016 null Page
As a student in college there is a dreaded community that we all eventually become a part of. Most freshman, like myself, experience the first step of “adulting” by moving away from their parents and into a shared space with their academic peers. The lucky few move in with acquaintances or even friends to avoid the worst part of sharing a new space, the unknown. While the rest of us veer off into the dark and mysterious path of random selection and convenient strangers; the complex and often complicated society of college roommates.
We have all heard the horror stories of having a college roommate and I’m sure most of us can tell a few of our own. This community is plagued with petty drama, conflicted and in the worst scenario violence derived from lack of communication. College roommates communicate in various ways that tend to be impersonal and include genres of modern convenience. Social media plays a major role in communication between roommates. Some students search for their roommates on sites like Facebook to learn about their roommates before they agree to live with them. People post where they are moving in hopes of finding someone similar to themselves to move in with or in my case someone relatively normal. The two students then communicate through replies, likes, tweets, and sometimes the always awkward Facebook poke. This group of people takes advantage of the social media genre by using instant messaged on Facebook or liking photos on Instagram to show…

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